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Next-Generation Internet(NGI)

Next-Generation Internet(NGI). The Next Generation Internet project is a collaboration with the SUMMIT group. The idea of the project is to investigate how medical education can be improved by using Internet2. We are developing networked, distributed surgical simulators to allow multiple training surgeons to collaborate on the same virtual surgery.

Virtual Surgical Tools

Virtual Surgical Tools. We have developed a number of surgical instruments that are augmented to make them specialized computer input devices. The computer can sense the position and orientation of each of these devices. In addition, it can sense the function of these devices, such as the closure of the virtual forcep (tweezers).

Voice-In, Text-Out (VITO) Module

Voice-In, Text-Out (VITO) Module. We are also developing a system for recognizing human speech and outputting text (via a serial line). This system is an integral part of the VESPA system, so that the surgeon/user can communicate directly with the virtual environment system. It is based on the excellent speech recognition software available from Dragon Systems, Inc.

Stereo Vision Glasses

Stereo Vision Glasses. We have stereo display devices, such as CrystalEyes and SimulEyes glasses from StereoGraphics Corporation. These allow the surgeons and researchers to truly see their data in 3D.

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