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Text-In, Voice-Out (TIVO) Module

Text-In, Voice-Out (TIVO) Module. We are developing a system for taking in text (from a serial line) and producing human speech. This system is an integral part of the VERS system, so that the system can communicate directly with the surgeon/user. It is based on the excellent speech generation research from the AI DuPont Children's Hospital/University of Delaware.

Cyberware 3D acquisition system

Cyberware 3D acquisition system. The Cyberware laser scanning system allows us to capture a high resolution mesh of a patient's face or other body parts. We then use this mesh with the VESPA system to allow surgeons to plan their surgeries.

Reconstruction of Volumetric Elements (ROVE)

Reconstruction of Volumetric Elements (ROVE). The ROVE system generates a computer model of a patient directly from thei CT or MRI scan data. This model can then be used within the VESPA system to examine the patient's condition and plan their surgery.

Soft Tissue Parameter Estimation

Soft Tissue Parameter Estimation. In order to do quantifiably correct soft-tissue modeling it is essential to derive the physical properties of real soft tissue. We have an ongoing research project to derive these properties directly from real soft-tissue.

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