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TeleICU. We are developing an immersive telepresence system over the Internet2 to enable the projection of critical care expertise remotely to support under-served areas. This work is aimed at basic research into providing the optimal integration of all aspects of patient information with real-time full-motion video to create a telepresence equivalent to actually being there with the patient.
(Collaboration with Yale University)

An Interactive Atlas of Tooth Anatomy

An Interactive Atlas of Tooth Anatomy This project will significantly improve clinical results in dental treatment by providing the first complete volume (3-D) data of real tooth anatomy. The result will be the most sophisticated and comprehensive body of knowledge on the variations of human tooth anatomy in existence.
(Collaboration with Brown and Herbranson Imaging)

Virtual Hysteroscopy

Virtual Hysteroscopy The project is to develop a training simulator for operative hysteroscopy to allow gynecologists to both see and feel the field of operation. In this way, we can allow the introduction of anatomic variation, simulation of untoward events, and collection of surgical performance data. Further, by providing force feedback, we can offer the ability to monitor forces on the virtual surgical instruments to permit concurrent assessment of operative maneuvers, and to improve training to reduce the risk of error. (Collaboration with Immersion Corporation)

Interactive Atlas of Inner Ear Anatomy

Interactive Atlas of Inner Ear AnatomyThe goal of this project was to create an anatomically accurate three-dimensional computer model of the temporal bone. Learning temporal bone anatomy is a basic part of the medical curriculum. Teaching comes in the form of texts, the temporal bone lab, and operative experience, but this training is often difficult due to the complexity inherent to the temporal bone anatomy. We therefore sought to add to the teaching armamentarium with the help of high-resolution, computer-generated 3-D models.

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