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Cleft Lip Project

The Cleft Lip Project has produced a CDROM and Web site of cleft lip anatomy and surgical technique. In this way, surgeons anywhere in the world can learn the skills to repair these defects. This project is now on its second major release. (Collaboration with Interplast and Smile Train)

Hand Surgery Diagnosis

Hand Surgery Diagnosis The same technology we use for preoperative surgical planning can be used as an aid for preoperative diagnosis as well. In this project we use 3D reconstructions from CT to derive patient-specific computer models of wrists to aid in diagnosing wrist injury.

IntraOperative Visualization and Navigation

IntraOperative Visualization and Navigation. We are developing an augmented reality system to provide assistance to a surgeon while performing a surgical procedure. By making use of a tracked, head-mounted computer display, we can overlay important information onto the surgeons visual field to assist them during the procedure.

Microsurgical Training Simulator

Microsurgical Training Simulator. Initial skills in microvascular surgery are usually developed in the animal lab and subsequently refined in the operating room. We have developed a virtual reality computer system that allows the user to realistically simulate vessel anastomosis and is able to monitor the progress of the trainee as well as compare the performance to an experienced surgeon.

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