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Surgical Simulator for Rat Dissection in Microgravity

Surgical Simulator for Rat Dissection in Microgravity We are developing a surgical simulator to aid astronauts in preparing for animal dissections in microgravity. Using our soft-tissue modeling software, we can realistically simulate these procedures to allow the astronauts to train under many different scenarios in order to refine their skills, while decreases the need for animal testing.(Collaboration with NASA Ames Research Center)


TeleRehab The TeleRehabilitation Station enables patients to do their rehabilitation from wrist, knee, or elbow injury in an interactive, engaging virtual reality environment. This makes the rehabilitation experience more enjoyable for the patient, but also allows for the quanitification of how well they are performing over time as an indication of how their therapy is progressing. (Collaboration with the Veterans Administration and Rutgers University)

Virtual Glovebox

Virtual Glovebox Astronauts on the International Space Station or on long-duration space missions will need to perform many experiments inside of a glovebox experimental module. Planning out these experiments and allowing the astronauts to train for them is costly and difficult. We are collaborating with the NASA Ames Research Center to use our simulation software to provide for planning and training in a virtual reality version of the glovebox. (Collaboration with the NASA Ames Research Center)

Virtual OB/GYN Training

Virtual OB/GYN Training The training of laparoscopic surgeons is time-consuming and sometimes laborious because of different aptitudes of students for visualization of 3D objects, and eye-hand coordination. Training methods have heretofore included in vitro and in vivo laboratory experience, followed by "practicing" in the operating room with mentors. The incorporation of virtual environments can provide the ability to simulate many different surgical scanarios, to quantify surgical performance, and to refine skills in a no-risk environment.

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