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iAnatomy Project

The iAnatomy Project seeks to consolidate information about all human anatomy and surgical techniques into one place. It uses the latest in technology (including Java, 3D graphics, etc) so that training surgeons anywhere can view, understand, and learn their skills faster and better. (sponsored by Sun Microsystems)

Craniofacial Surgical Planning

Craniofacial Surgical Planning One major focus of our research is in surgical planning, with a special emphasis on craniofacial procedures and reconstructive surgery. These procedures are often some of the most challenging because every patient is different and requires patient-specific preoperative planning. Our system has now been refined during its use on over 50 patients.

IntraOperative Assistance- Orthopedics

IntraOperative Assistance- Orthopedics We are devloping a computerized intraoperative tracking system that directs the surgeon in the precise positioning of orthopedic surgical hardware. This would allow for reduced operating time and less radiation exposure.

Mandibular Reconstruction

Mandibular Reconstruction Mandibular reconstructions present a great challenge to the surgeon. While a free fibula transfer is typically the best candidate for repairing the defect, precise planning of the shaping of the bone is crucial to obtaining a good surgical result. We have developed surgical planning technologies to aid the surgeon in achieving a superior surgical result.

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