National Biocomputation Center

Here are some movies of some of our work

Our intraoperative assistance system


Virtual rat dissection

Cyberglove interaction within Spring in real-time

Cyberglove interaction within Spring in real-time

Filche fallopian tubal ligation

Virtual tools interacting with virtual patient

Endoscopic view with virtual tools

Incising (cutting) using networked haptic device

Pulling (grasping) using networked haptic device

Video of microsurgery station

Facial tumor case

Craniosynostosis case (orbital flythrough view)

Craniosynostosis case, but with cutting and retraction

Visible Man data set, with cutting, retraction, grasping

Lucy 2.5

Stanford Visible Female (Lucy 2.5) reproductive system (Leroy Heinrichs MD) Using our spring soft-tissue modeling software, together with networked haptics. Some movies have the image of the user moving the device merged with the video from the computer so you can see both...

Lucy 2.5

Left Fallopian tube


Endoscopic view

How Spring works

(thanks to Steve Dawson/CIMIT guys for taping!)

Kevin Montgomery [kevin]

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