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3National Biocomputation Center

These are some of the best CAT/MRI reconstructions around in their Case Study Database.

NASA Ames Biocomputation Center

These images/movies are from serial-section TEM reconstruction using our in-house software, ROSS.

Also, we've applied our techniques to CAT and MRI data- images, movies, and VRML data:


This movie is part of the National Information Infrastructure video.

University of Oulu (Finland), Department of Radiology

These pictures are reconstructed from the General Electric HighSpeed Advantage CAT-scanner's data using Voxtool 1.0.4.

Contact: Matti Haveri (

Acetabular fracture, posterior column

Acetabular T-fracture

Aneyrysma arteria communicans anterior, superior view

Elongated internal carotid artery leaning towards the internal jugular vein.

Acetabular fracture.

Orbital fracture.

Pituitary tumor.

Anomaly of the skull, cranial view.

University of Wisconsin (Madison), Institute for Molecular Virology

3D reconstructions of viruses

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