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Download the meshview plugin

The meshview plugin allows you to view our .mesh or .smf files directly on your PC. You can rotate the models around, move them, and even do things like run cutting planes into them. Below are the latest versions!

Platform Executable Source
Windows 95/NT meshview.exe
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3D Skull/Head images generated from CT or MR
(using 3DViewnix)

DATA SET X : NAME SIZE DESCRIPTION ============ ============= ================================= EXPER_00.IM0 4457664 bytes CT: Dry Skull 8 bit IMAGE0 data EXPER_00.BS0 1669330 bytes CT: Dry Skull binary SHELL0 data EXPER_00.BSI 72192 bytes CT: Dry Skull binary SHELL0 icon EXPER_00.BS1 2602818 bytes CT: Dry Skull binary SHELL1 data EXPER_00.MV0 762646 bytes CT: Dry Skull 8 bit MOVIE0 data ============ ============= ================================= Total size 9564650 bytes DATA SET Y : NAME SIZE DESCRIPTION ============ ============= ========================================= SKULL2.IM0 4327040 bytes CT: head 8 bit IMAGE0 data SKULL2.SH0 15380270 bytes CT: head non-binary SHELL0 data SKULL2.SHI 306516 bytes CT: head non-binary SHELL0 icon SKULL2.MV0 2765584 bytes CT: head 24 bit (True Color) MOVIE0 data 106680_01.IM0 8390690 bytes MR: head 4D, 16 bit IMAGE0 data mri10010a_1.IM0 2032536 bytes MR: brain T1 8 bit IMAGE0 data mri10010a_2.IM0 2032536 bytes MR: brain T2 8 bit IMAGE0 data ============ ============= ========================================= Total size 35235172 bytes DATA SET Z : NAME SIZE DESCRIPTION ============ ============= ============================================ naren.BS1 5306004 bytes MR: foot binary SHELL0 structure system (4D) naren_abs.PLN 28869 bytes MR: foot PLAN file of the absolue motion naren_rel.PLN 28822 bytes MR: foot PLAN file of the relative motion naren_003.IM0 3933706 bytes MR: foot 8 bit IMAGE0 data (time inst 1) naren_005.IM0 3933702 bytes MR: foot 8 bit IMAGE0 data (time inst 2) naren_009.IM0 3933700 bytes MR: foot 8 bit IMAGE0 data (time inst 3) naren_007.IM0 3933702 bytes MR: foot 8 bit IMAGE0 data (time inst 4) naren_011.IM0 3933702 bytes MR: foot 8 bit IMAGE0 data (time inst 5) naren_013.IM0 3933700 bytes MR: foot 8 bit IMAGE0 data (time inst 6) naren_015.IM0 3933700 bytes MR: foot 8 bit IMAGE0 data (time inst 7) naren_017.IM0 3933702 bytes MR: foot 8 bit IMAGE0 data (time inst 8) ============ ============= ============================================ Total Size 36833309 bytes

3D Skull (brain) images generated from CT or MR slices

National Library of Medicine Visible Human Project.

The initial aim of the Visible Human Project is to create a digital image data set of a complete human male and female cadaver in MRI, CT and anatomical modes.

The imaging of the male cadaver has been completed. The data set consists of axial MRI images of the head and neck taken at 5 mm intervals and longitudinal sections of the rest of the body also at 5 mm intervals. The MRI images are 256 pixel by 256 pixel resolution. Each pixel has 12 bits of grey tone resolution.

The CT data consists of axial CT scans of the head and neck taken at 1 mm intervals at a resolution of 512 pixels by 512 pixels where each pixel is made up of 12 bits of grey tone. The axial anatomical images are 2048 pixels by 1216 pixels where each pixel is defined by 24 bits of color, about 7.5 megabytes. The anatomical cross-sections are at 1 mm intervals and coincide with the CT axial images. About 1880 cross-sections were obtained from the male cadaver for each mode, i.e., CT and anatomy. The male Visible Human Data Set will be available via FTP on the Internet and via DAT tape in October -94. FTP is free. There will be a duplication fee for the DAT tape. The fee is expected to be under $1,000. The size of the data set is expected to be about 15 gigabytes.

A licensing agreement with NLM will be required in order for you to gain access to the data set. This is a non-financial agreement which states that neither NLM nor the government has any financial interest in your product. We want to know who you are and what you propose to do with the data set. We want you to agree to protect the integrity of the data set and to credit NLM and the Visible Human Project as the source of the pictures in any derived product. We would like a copy of any derived product. And we would like you to help us by critiquing our work so that if NLM continues to produce further anatomical data sets, we can correct, in those data sets, any deficiencies which may be present in the current data set. Your e-mail address is being added to a mailing list of people interested in receiving the licensing agreement. The agreement should become available towards the end of August or early in September.

The data set from the female cadaver will have the same characteristics as the male cadaver with one exception. The axial anatomical images will be obtained at 0.33 mm intervals instead of 1.0 mm intervals. This will result in over 5,000 anatomical images. The data set is expected to be about 40 gigabytes in size. Distribution is anticipated during the Summer of 1995. We are decreasing the spacing in the "Z" direction to 0.33 mm in order to match the pixel spacing in the "XY" plane which is 0.33 mm. This will enable developers who are interested in three-dimensional reconstructions to work with cubic voxels.

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Your interest in NLM's Visible Human Project is greatly appreciated.

Contact: Michael J. Ackerman, Ph.D. Project Officer [].

Other Visible Human reconstructions

MRI image sets.

Image sets of a brain map on Japanese monkey by using MRI which were created by Dr.Masato Taira of Department of Physiology, Nihon University, School of Medicine are available. These image set were anatomically correct. Please use them for a research on physiology or medical image processing.

3D datasets

Avalon was created to be a 3D object "repository" for the net. You'll find 3D datasets in various formats, utilities to convert between the different formats, and documents explaining the file formats. There is a /pub/incoming directory for uploads, so if you have anything to contribute, please upload it! If you have any problems connecting to avalon, try its mirror site Kubota Pacific at (

Blood flow in intracranial arteries and aneurysms

Finite Element Modeling of Intracranial Arterial Blood Flow and Saccular Aneurysm Formation. Efficient Segmentation and 3-D Reconstruction of Intracranial Vascular Structures from Magnetic Resonance Angiography Data.

George Foutrakis (University of Pittsburgh, Department of Neurological Surgery): I've put together a WWW Home Page describing my past and current research. The main focus is on the computational modeling of blood flow in intracranial arteries and aneurysms. and

File Formats

This is a list of information on commonly used file formats.

Frame Grabbers

This is a list of companies that sell frame grabbers (abridged):

800-333-3035 - Imaging Technologies Incorporated (ITI)
708-498-4002 - Epix
800-366-9131 - ImageNation
800-724-5929 - Dipix
800-525-8528 - Data Translation
800-361-4914 - Coreco
617-932-2900 - BitFlow
617-221-6700 - Univision Technologies
800-361-4903 - Matro
x 603-868-2270 - Current Technologies
617-935-1770 - Scentech
206-881-7551 - PDI


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